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Welcome To Your New Home

For 2023-2024 the University of Mississippi is partnering with The Quarters Oxford to offer spaces to our first-year freshman students. This partnership allows for students to experience a more independent style of living while still having the benefits of living with Student Housing.

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Erin Parker, Community Coordinator

Erin Parker serves as the Community Coordinator, a full time professional staff member with The Department of Student Housing who is living and working out of The Quarters. Along with Erin, there is a full staff of undergraduate Resident Assistants (RAs) to provide resources, plan events, and serve an on-call rotation.

Erin is the best resource for students with questions related to campus-life, potential roommate conflicts, or questions related to Student Housing.

Students living with The Department of Student Housing at The Quarters have their parking and utilities included in the semesterly rate. This will be billed to student’s Bursar accounts, similarly to other campus housing and student fees.

The Quarters parking passes are not valid in University parking lots. Students will need to purchase a separate parking pass to park in on-campus commuter lots.

Additionally, the OUT Bus has an active route that runs from The Quarters to central campus. We highly recommend students utilize the bus for the most efficient transportation.

Other questions can be directed towards housingma@olemiss.edu or call the main Student Housing office at 662-915-7328.